There are several things I need to make your commission happen:

1. Choose your medium:

I can produce your artwork in watercolour, coloured pencil, pencil, acrylics or oils on canvas. Here’s some pointers:

• Watercolours are best for architectural/buildings, village scenes and landscapes.
• Coloured pencils are best for pets and wildlife
• Pencil is good for portraits or pet portraits
• Pen and wash is good for buildings
• Acrylics and Oils are best for portraits and large landscapes

2. Choose your size:

The subject matter plays a part on the size. For example, an A4 sized painting is good for single pets/wildlife, and small village scenes. Pet portraits of more than one head will suit an A3 size painting. Landscapes are best at a bigger size on canvas, preferably starting at 20” x 16”. Anything bigger can be discussed in detail.

3. Pricing:


Pricing excludes framing for A5 & A4 sizes. Framing costs can be discussed at the point of booking the commission. For paper based artwork I can provide a neutral mount with backing board and cellophane wrap for no extra cost.

Price is for one subject/head only on a white background for pencil work; for full body please add 20% to the price e.g. A4 coloured pencil = £100 + 20% = £120.

Landscapes and buildings/architecture/village scenes – price is for complete artwork including background.

For extra subjects, please add £25 PER SUBJECT to the above prices e.g 3 dog heads = £325 for an A3 picture.

Panoramic/wide canvases paintings can be accommodated, please discuss this with me.

4. Photos:

I will create your artwork from either your supplied photos or, after discussion, I can visit the subject or landscape for extra cost to take my own photos and sketches (unless you live within a 10 mile radius of Swaffham Bulbeck, in which case it’s included in the price).

Supplied photos need to be clear, well lit, in focus and at least 1000 pixels wide so that I can see all the detail required to produce the painting. I will usually work from one of a set of photos. For pet portraits, take photos that show the character of the dog, from different angles. This will help me to capture this in the painting.

5. Deposit

I ask for a 20% non-refundable deposit to be paid at the time of booking. This can be paid with cash, cheque (I won’t start the work until the cheque has cleared), via bank transfer or PayPal (please see details at the end of this document).

6. Timescales and process

Your commission will take up to 4 weeks to complete, depending on current workload and other commitments. I will contact you throughout the process:

- I will email a photo of the initial drawn outline of the artwork so you get an idea of what the final artwork will look like (this is the point where you can tell me you really don’t like it before I go too far!)
- I will send an email with a more accurate timescale for completion
- Once complete I will send you a hi-res photo or scan of the artwork for your approval. Once approved, the remainder of the payment is required to clear before the artwork is delivered or posted to you. If framing is required, there will be an additional lead-time required.